Experience a unique and special blend of hands on massage coupled with energetic balancing.

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ANIMAL HEALING Treatment Details

60 minutes: $80

90 minutes: $120

120 minutes: $150

*taxes included


Our pets are special to us. We consider them family. We are nurtured, befriended and loved by them. They are our faithful companions yet also many times our teachers. Animals carry a special quality of non-judgement and pure love that we humans cherish and respect in them. This is why we choose to give them the best life possible including healing for them when needed.


Beth has a great love and respect for the Animal world. Growing up on a farm Beth had first hand experience care taking for animals such as sheep, horses, pigs, chickens as well as their family household dogs and cats. Helping every spring time with the birthing of baby lambs, Beth was prepared for her own experience of midwifing a litter of Golden Retriever pups from her very own Therapeutic Dog Emmy Lou in 2016.


Beth has first-hand experience offering reiki and acupressure to dogs, cats and horses. Animals can receive distance healing with Beth or have Beth come to their home to receive a session. Each session will be designed around each animals individual needs. Both Emmy Lou and Rocket (Emmy's son) work with Beth in her home clinic as Therapeutic Dogs in her healing session for people.



• Animal Reiki Calms Scared, Fearful Animals

• Helps Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxation to Promote Better Healing

• Recovery from surgery or injuries

• Energy flow blocked = Slows Pet's Internal Healing Systems & Functions

• Energy healing removes blocks - creates "optimum" self-healing

• Creates a happier environment and connection for Pet Owner and Pet

• Heightens overall well being for Pet



Energy healing can be accomplished at a distance just as easily as in person. Prayer is the simplest form of distance healing, and it has been demonstrated that prayer is effective in facilitating healing. The practitioner can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. By placing focus and intention on the receiver using one's mind eye the practitioner can then direct their healing energy to the receiver wherever they may be. An energetic bridge or cord is created by Beth from her heart center and third eye and sent to the receivers body for them to benefit and feel more at peace.  A mystical sense of presence and something larger than themselves is felt both from the practitioner and also the receiver creating a beautiful connection during the duration of the session.


Any insights that are felt throughout the session will then be reported to the receiver by Beth after the session is complete.


*Please note all sessions include an additional 30 minutes

to each session for consultation time

*Home Care Visits Available for additional $25.00 per visit

*Cancellation Policy*

*If cancellation of booked session is needed, please contact Beth 24 hrs. in advance of booked time by phone 705-345-0388.

Rescheduling of a session is preferred.

If NO contact is made in advance, and the session is missed, half of the price of session booked is required. Thank you.